Song of Creation

There dwells a deep, deep yearning
A desire in us so strong and pure
To leave an imprint on this world
A legacy of love that will endure.

A thirst to drink of all creation,
To taste all beauty’s splendor,
To partake in every gift life offers
To love, be loved in Divine surrender.

There’s a song to fill this restless longing,
The song that birthed all time and space
That sang the cosmos into being
Suffusing it with life, with love and grace.

It rang out in the greeting of an angel
In heart of lowly virgin struck a chord
Singing a humble ‘yes’ to bear the Savior
Offering her life to magnify the Lord.

In a dream angel’s sang of God’s assurance
Inspiriting a faithful, humble man
To conquer fear, erase all doubt
To trust completely in God’s great plan.

On star-lit winter night it wakened
Weary shepherds to an amazing sight,
Choirs of angels in heavens hovering
Announcing the birth of the Child of Light.
It sang out in the hopes of Magi
In a new star, a guiding light so strong
Leading them to the very font of grace
To the source of love for whom all long.

It sang out in the pains of sacred birth
In a newborn son’s first cries
In the joyful tears of loving parents
In the awe of a chorus of shepherd’s sighs.

It rang out throughout the heavens
As pure as in the moment of creation
It rang out thru the choir of angels
Through the Magi’s adulation.

And so, my friend, please take a pause
Sit back in silence, do not fear it.
Dwell in gratitude, in hopefulness,
For in these you still can hear it.

In your faithfulness, your generosity
In a humble, contrite heart that’s true
Listen closely, for you’ll hear God singing
The song of Creation, of Christmas,
Yes! God’s Song of joy in you!

Fr. Larry Dowling
Christmas, 2018